Back To Normal

Things are more or less back to normal here at home. For me, anyway. I am still looking for a free phone app that will let me post from my phone to here … any suggestions? It will be much appreciated! :)

A couple of days ago I noticed our “house cat” (actually, we don’t own him; he just comes and goes as he like. we always have food and water for him here at home) was acting kind of strange. He was all jittery and looks so suspicious of anyone coming to pet him. Then I noticed some dried blood on his left side! That’s when I found out that he has been shot again. Yes, again.

The first time was really terrible for us, and I wasn’t sure if he would live. I couldn’t operate on him myself (no practice, and no equipment!) and bringing him to a friend’s clinic might prove to be more harmful to him (he has never been caged and is so distrustful of other people). Anyway, I gave him antibiotics, and it was a good thing he responded well. And now it’s happened again!

Though he doesn’t seem to be totally affected, I still don’t like the idea of him going out and be shot again. Plus, I really hope that people who do this to animals will come to their senses – it’s not doing anyone any good! The stray cat population in our area has drastically lessened, and am sure it’s because of the “cat shooter”.

Anyway, that is part of life. For “our” cat, it is always a risk every time he goes out. Hopefully, he too will come to his senses and realize that he doesn’t need to go far to find a home. We’ll always be here for him. :)

MIA – That’s me

It has been ages since I’ve been here. Internet connection has been crappy lately and my computer’s so unreliable! Need to have this fixed. I wish I know a way how to post from my phone … been looking around, but haven’t found that app yet!

Things haven’t been so great lately, though. My mom passed away (honestly, I didn’t expect it) and I still haven’t gotten round to totally accepting it yet. Knowing that she won’t be back home this Christmas … it seems pretty weird. Well, we normally don’t go home during the Christmas break (because it’s only two weeks) but usually during summer vacation (more than a month) we go home. We – meaning, my sons and I. Sometimes hubby tags along, but he can’t stay long because of work.

We all miss her. I wish she was still here. But that’s just not possible. I think it’s time she go where she really wants to go.

Funny thing … while in the hospital, Manang Lydia (who was with her at that time) heard Mama say (with her eyes closed),”Don’t leave me.” The only other people inside the room were two grandchildren, and Papa. Manag Lydia said,”We didn’t leave you.” Mama replied (with her eyes still closed), “You all left me just recently.”

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard. For me, anyway. I know she waited for me to arrive before leaving us. We – my sons and I – couldn’t just leave because of school.  We arrived on a Friday (decided to let the kids skip school on Friday) and she left us on Saturday. The thought still leaves a sharp ache in my chest (I hope this isn’t serious!) … puny attempt at being funny here. :-/

She wanted to be cremated, but there was no such facility being offered in our province. Interment was scheduled the next day after she left us. You know, I just couldn’t bring myself to say “died/dead”. I mean, her spirit is still around, am sure. So, it’s only her body that’s stopped functioning … she just “left”.  Getting weird and crazy here. LOL

Anyway, before my computer conks out … better sign off. For now. :)


Shot taken from my niece’s recent post on Facebook

My Youngest

My youngest prefers guitars to balls sometimes. That’s why when he saw one of those fano guitars online, he got excited and told me he wanted one when he grows up! Well, am happy he wants one only when he grows up, and not right now. lol. It would make a serious dent on our household budget!

I have been looking around and seeing if his schedule will permit a guitar lesson during the weekends. Unfortunately, that would mean no more sleeping late on Saturday mornings, too. I still haven’t found any teacher nearby … unless we go further and find him a teacher over at UP Diliman. That would be great … and it might sound really selfish of me, but I really don’t like the idea of me giving up on my late Saturday mornings!

But no rush, yet. He’s still young (only 6years old) and let’s see if he still likes to take guitar lessons by next year. :)

Rainy Saturday

It’s only my youngest and I here at home right now, and it has been drizzling every now and then. We are both busy doing our own thing- him with his coloring and me with the computer. Well, must admit: the television is on, too. ;)

Miss having hubby around here to help me. Not just with the household chores, but with decision making, too. He’s now based in Mindanao and coming here (Luzon) every month  would make quite a dent in our budget, what with the plane fares these days! Well, there are promos but you just can’t get them all the time.

We need to make loads of adjustments, I know. Just that I feel so alone, at times. Am not alone in this, I know. Am lucky that hubby is just “relatively near” compared to some who work abroad.

Life. We need to make adjustments and cope. Life.