my distorted legs …

Last 01 August
In a hot spring resort in Calamba, Laguna.
We very seldom do this. That’s why I had to take a picture.


Summer has started (2015)

I have always viewed summer (while growing up back home) as those days when things are going to be uncomfortably hot that it insists you go and take a dip in the sea (I never listened, lol). I never actually listened because: first, we just can’t go and take a dip in the sea whenever we wanted to (even if we were a coastal city) and second, because our favorite place to take a dip was actually quite far from the city (around an hour’s ride, or so, during those days when the road wasn’t all cemented yet). Yes, reasons. lol.

But now that I am older (waaaaaayyy older!), I have come to realize that you are always responsible for your actions, but there will always be someone or something that will greatly influence your final decision. I dunno, it could be your husband, your kid, or even your pet! But the final decision will always be mine. So blaming others for our predicament is not good…unless you were in a coma or something, and they had to make the decisions themselves. ;P

I am straying from my original topic, though. It is already summer. Getting hot, but am thankful for our air conditioner. I would love to go on a vacation somewhere, though. Going back home would be the ultimate vacation for me (not just because someone else is going to do the cooking and stuffs, lol), and my kids. We all love it there!

In reality, no definite plans yet. My eldest wants to start training for summer immediately, and that means the youngest and I can’t leave, too. I know, decision is always mine. I just wish I wouldn’t sound and look too selfish if I do decide to take the youngest and we both take our vacation ourselves.

Anyway, I must always stay positive. There is always a better option. And there are always places here in the city that the youngest and I can go to! ;)

On Winding Down

I don’t think you have to be a romantic to enjoy scented candles. I like a room that smells heavenly and it does make me sleep much better! One of those candles (with brands such as diptyque), came highly recommended by an online friend. She is a highly stressed person (kids and a job) and so when she said that scented candles did quite an amazing job of getting her to unwind after each hectic day, I immediately believed her. Of course, I needed to do a research about scented candles; plus know how to place them safely around the house, too, since I have a very curious 6-year old child!

But now that summer has already started for my 6-year old (I was quite happy to learn that March14 was the start of their summer vacation!), things are a bit winding down. More hours to “laze around. Actually, the right term there is “procrastinate”. LOL.

But am happy to be procrastinating every once in a while; just lying down, watching a good movie, while the room is being filled with such lovely and heavenly scents… ;P