Summer Has Started

Graduation went great! Our son got a medal (High Honors), which I wasn’t really expecting. Well, his exams have always been good (usually just around 7 mistakes, and he sometimes aces them), but still I wasn’t expecting it. Soooo happy and proud!

Their attire was formal: barong Tagalog, black pants, white camisa chino, black socks and black shoes (sorry, no tuxedo shirt this time). The girls wore ecru colored dresses with hairs neatly pinned, with ecru/white colored shoes and socks. So pretty! Unfortunately, there are no longer any girls starting Grade 1…so they need to find another school. From Grade1 till Grade12 it’s all boys.

My youngest has the option to continue studying there, or if he passes the entrance exam to another school, he just might transfer. Anyway, nothing’s definite yet.

For now, we are enjoying summer – getting up late, sleeping late (lol, well… not all the time), watching tv, and sweating (ugh) because of the summer heat.

No summer travel plans. Yet. :P


Next week will be my son’s graduation (kindergarten). He’s scheduled to take an entrance exam to another school and a follow-up checkup with his pediatrician, too. Looks like it’s not going to be an uneventful week! lol.

My eldest, on the other hand, will have his final exams next week… and they are scheduled to register for the next school year on August. That’s like four months vacation! Well, they are slowly changing the “regular” school days; from June to August! Two months difference, actually. Well … I hope that it is for the better. :)

Hopefully, some of the other schools will follow soon.


Finally finished this book: Ignite by Tahereh Mafi

I actually finished the first three books way before, but found out that she had released the last book of the series. Downloaded it around a month ago, but only got to read it this week. Yes, so busy. Or just lazy. I don’t know. But am glad I finished the series. Well-worth it, all in all.

Though sometimes I just feel like the female lead is so undecided and so “full of herself”. I meant that in a self-absorbed way; not haughty or anything. She’s so concerned with her feeling and all, and it just seems to drag. For me, anyway.

Yeah, read the series. My view could be different from yours. :P



Most of my sisters know how to play the piano quite well. Me? Well, just barely. Am not sure if I’m that musically inclined, but our parents made sure we all get our dose of piano lessons! Our teachers were German nuns, which was kind of terrifying for me. lol. Oh, they were great piano players, but can’t say much when it comes to humour. Or i guess I just have a different sense of humour! lol. They were really awesome with the piano, and such disciplinarians! Maybe they would have an idea what an m audio oxygen 25 is, if they are still around. As a young piano player, I felt like they knew everything!

So sad to know that my teacher has passed away. She died in one of the nunneries in her country. She sent us letters every now and then… we were told that she died of old age.

God bless her good soul. <3