Morning View (while walking)

Usual view, while going home. These days it has been rainy, and really wet and humid. I don’t like much the icky feeling while walking, but…I’d rather walk, really, rather than ride. Sure, a ride would be easier and faster…but I’d still rather walk. :P

Last week hubby was around, so there were days that I rode going back home; we even had breakfast together. lol. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I LOVE and enjoy the precious times we get to spend together, just us. Even if it creates havok with my schedule. :D

Now that hubby’s left for work again, we’re back to our usual selves.
Routine. Routine. Routine.
… which, hopefully, will be disrupted again after two weeks. :)

My Teenager

My teenager is in that stage wherein he’d rather stay at home rather than go out with us (parents). He likes his computer games and since he only gets to play during the weekends, I can understand why he’d rather stay at home. Am just happy that I know what is keeping him busy during the weekends: computer and music. He hasn’t asked for one of those high end amps, yet, but he has asked if he can upgrade his one year old computer. :)

We’ll think about it.

New Typhoon!

School started justbarely  a month ago and now there’s a typhoon coming around the corner. Actually, the storm is predicted to make landfall by tomorrow afternoon. Well, it is quite common in my part of the world…but somehow the last typhoon was a total disaster! I mean, the worst! Yup, we called it Yolanda. Everyone was affected. Including my family. They are coping, and slowly rebuilding.

Hoping and praying that this coming typhoon won’t make as much damage as expected.

Stay safe and dry!

Tomorrow Classes Will Start (for some)

Can’t hold it back any longer… yup, classes will be starting tomorrow (for my eldest). Today is their registration day (similar to enrollment) and classes will start tomorrow. They don’t have classes every Monday, so today is their registration day. He wishes they will start this August (together with the college students), but nope.

On the other hand, my youngest will start on the 16th (June). Some of his uniforms needs to be take cared of, and it is quite frustrating since sometimes the uniform is still not there or else they don’t have an available size (we buy the uniforms at the school)! ugh. But anyway … this week I will be back (again!) to see if I will have his uniforms (school and PE) completed.

As for me, am just happy that we have sufficient funds for both the kids’ schooling as well as a few extras. Nothing big, specially since I slowed down considerably with blogging. But I have to weigh things: kids or blog. Of course, I wish it was both, and it was so, for a while. But when I had to be active in my youngest’s schooling…well;  blogging had to take the back seat. Am not regretting anything. In fact, blogging has opened a whole new world for me! But I need to be there for my kids, too.

Don’t get me wrong: I will still continue with my blogging, but my posts will be in trickles now, though. It would be nice writing down my thoughts every now and then.

And now, duty calls (as always). :D

Yesterday’s Trip

Yesterday we went to Rizal to visit Regina Rosarii. Regina Rosarii is being run by Dominican Sisters and is intended to be a place where you can do meditations and reflections; but I think it is more of a park/sightseeing area. Maybe that’s because it’s still relatively new and some areas are still being developed.

Well, everyone is encouraged to stay quiet but it’s just not possible if there are kids (and kids at heart) around. Orientations are given (strictly no shorts, mini skirts, tank tops; they let you borrow one of those sarong/skirts if you did arrive wearing one of those “inappropriate” clothing) and Holy Mass is given everyday (except on Tuesdays) every 11am. During Sundays there is also a 3:30pm Mass, which we were lucky enough to attend. Weddings? I don’t know if they hold wedding ceremonies (check out these gold wedding rings!) but it might be possible.

They also offer food for the hungry travelers, but everything’s vegetarian (which I LOVE!). We tried their veggie sub-sandwich and we all loved it (including hubby and the eldest, who are certified meat eaters). I think what really made the sub delicious was the freshly baked bread…thinking about it is making me drool! lol.

I would love to visit the place again! Maybe after a few more developments. I would like to explore the surrounding area more (there were some resorts and restaurants along the way), and maybe stay over the weekend.

A blessed weekend, it was. :)