Do Donate Cars for Veterans

Some people are more fortunate than others. I mean, there will always be someone out there who is richer, taller, bigger, brighter, funnier, and cuter. The list can go on forever! But that shouldn’t make us envious, or even angry. Instead, we should appreciate what we have because somewhere out there, there is also someone who is less fortunate than us. Yeah… not enough food to eat, can’t go to school, no house to call their own, or have no family! There are two sides to a coin and to keep happy (truly happy), we must learn how to stay in the middle. I believe that material things are important (but don’t get too attached), but it is not everything. That’s why if you have excess material things at home (like, tables, television, clothes, etcetera), it is a good thing to give them away. Or sell them. There’s even a site that gives cars for veterans, if you happen to have an extra car that you no longer need. There are even television programs that help people de-clutter their houses as well as their lives! I guess it’s just a matter of discipline (from buying more than you actually need). That’s how I look at it, anyway.

We might not have an extra car around here, but as much as possible I try not to buy anything unless we really need it. That includes food, too. But that wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. There were times in the past that I’d be buying more than we really need (the food would just go to waste – such a shame!), including clothes for the kids. Yes, there was a time that they’d outgrow the shirts even before I opened the plastic! Well, it was my fault – I forgot they still had new shirts! But that’s all in the past now. Hopefully. To de-clutter, I gave away the new and unused shirts to my other nephews who were younger (they told me they wanted toys, not shirts. lol). Some furniture that was too big for the apartment were given away, too. It certainly felt lighter (like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders) after the big speakers and television were given away. Recently I gave away our computer table, too. It used to house our desktop computer, but since it conked out on us last year (and we never did get to have it fixed, or get a new one) it became a place where we threw in our books, papers, and bills. Messy.

Am glad we decided to give away our unwanted stuffs. I know that someone out there is using it…and it’s being used; instead of just lying around gathering dust.

*I participated in a blogger campaign for Vehicle Donations to Any Charity; views and opinions written in this post are all mine and is based on my personal experience.