Goodies From Bicol

My sisters visited an aunt in Bicol and they brought these when they got back! On the left that’s Laing (with chorizo!) and on the right that’s Halang-halang (I think). Both the dishes weren’t too spicy (kind of disappointing, since I wanted it fiery HOT!) but still I managed to eat loads of rice that day. lol. :D

Burp! *excuse me

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  1. Jessica Cassidy says:

    Both appetizing to munch Sis :-) What perfect food to share with you :-) I cannot stand spicy foods as it trigger my sinus but am still eating it lol

    last weeks Food Friday :-)

    • mm says:

      oh, do spicy foods trigger your sinusitis, sis? interesting…i also have sinusitis but haven’t associated it with spicy food. lol
      thanks for visiting! will go check out yours, too :)

    • mm says:

      tried clicking on your link, sis..but couldn’t get to it.
      so sorry. will try later!

      many thanks again for visiting!

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