Mudjacking’s Role in Foundation Repair

The foundation of any home or building is important. Before any walls or beams are placed, the concrete foundation must be poured. I personally witnessed this when my father had a building built on a lot beside us (he also owned the lot). Unfortunately, even the best laid foundations can develop problems over the years. If you start to notice cracks or sags in or along your foundation, it’s important to call for foundation repair in Dallas immediately. Every minute you wait means a greater risk of permanent damage to your home requiring even more expensive repairs. Of all the services available to repair your foundation, one of the most intriguing is mudjacking. Many types of problems can occur from different circumstances, but in many situations a quick mudjacking is the best option. I just found out about this, after some researching.

The foundation problems could stem from different causes. The many factors that contribute to concrete settlement make just about any building susceptible. Some areas have soils that naturally compact over time, so what once was solid ground holding up the concrete now has voids. Sometimes a location will have improper drainage that can lead to soil erosion and similar problems. Even tree roots can grow large and strong enough to move concrete slabs out of position. I have seen this in some of the streets around the city.

Mudjacking, also called slabjacking, is a process that pumps a mud-like substance beneath a concrete foundation in order to fill voids. It may not help in a situation with tree roots, but it can be very beneficial in any situation where concrete is lacking support. The process starts with the drilling of several small, strategically placed holes in the concrete. Those holes are then used for injecting the mudlike or urethane slabjacking mixture. Once the holes are filled, additional injections can be used to lift any parts of the foundation that have sagged.

Of course, there are also other solutions available. Mudjacking is just one of many methods of foundation repair in Dallas. Even if your foundation wasn’t fitted with drains when it was installed, which is required by almost all building codes, you can still have one installed after the fact (though, it will cost significantly more). In place of or along with mudjacking, you may have the actual concrete repaired to maintain its structural integrity. Though there are many ways to shore up a foundation, mudjacking is one of the quickest and most affordable.